Rome 3rd day: Colosseum, Piaza Navona and the Pantheon

We woke up fully charged and ready the day

(pictures just from the courtyard of the hotel)

Our third day was designated to see Ancient Rome including Colosseum, Forum and the Palatine Hill  but we had to change our plan a bit because the heat was just too overwhelming in the end! If you have a choice when coming here – avoid summer not only is it crowded but it is just too hot especially when you stand in the middle of it supposedly admiring such old relics and piece of history.

It was crowded once again but we did not have to line up thank goodness to get in because we have the so called Roma Pass which entitles you to get around Rome with the public transportation and entrance to 2 museums of your choice.

A stage has been put up to show the people how the chambers for the animals and the gladiators/prisoners  used to be, just under it.

There’s a good view of the Forum and Palatine Hill up the Colosseum.In the end we decided to have a siesta after Colosseum. be continued….


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