Rome 2nd day: Trastevere

After the long day we we felt we deserved to have  a wonderful meal – we went back to the hotel to rest for a few minutes and went to find some good food in Trastevere just on the other side  of the river.  There were numerous restaurants so you just have to look for the perfect deal for you according to your budget.

It was a bit full but we found  a place outside. The cool breeze is much nicer than being in an airconditioned room – this is also one thing we noticed. The evenings are very nice because of the cool breeze.

The appetizers – the salad was actually for everyone and the first course was ravioli, and seafood pasta for me and also pasta with some kind of Italian sausage  for Vlado which ended up on the next collage. yummy!  2nd course was of course shrimp for me, chicken stew for ma and a pork stew for Vlado. They were all so good.. this is an example of a Menu Turistico (meals for tourists) which comes in set with a drink (water and wine), 1st and 2nd course and dessert.. we felt we’ve earned this meal after such a long day.

 Panna cotta for dessert and creme caramel- After such a wonderful meal we decided to take a bit of a walk till the bus stop instead of taking the tram.

There’s lot of shopping going down there along the river banks but it was almost midnight and we needed to catch our bus. The metro is not functioning after 9 pm the last few days  because of repairs but you could take the buses which we really were not keen on taking because we have seen the long que of people wanting to get on it.

The river is beautiful and it has been such a wonderful day – we headed home to get ready for the next part of the trip – The Colosseum.


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  1. the streets of trastevere…i went to school there 🙂


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