Rome Day 2 The Basillicas – Vatican and Saint Peter’s Basillica

This is the highlight of the day – we asked Mama what she wanted to do first go to the Vatican Museum or to Saint Peter’s?  We heard that on Sundays the museum is actually for free (“,) so we thought maybe we could do this first since it was still relatively early. Mama said no nevertheless, since it is as well a Sunday – then we had to go to church first.

Mama got a bit emotional the moment she was in the Vatican.. she cannot believe she finally made it to here.. to Rome and yes she indeed The Vatican – something very important for Filipino Catholics.

the very popular dome

and the sign that just proves they won’t let you inSaint Peter’s or to the other basillicas  if you wear short sleeves/spaghetti straps and shorts or above the knee skirts. We did see a few people being turned down after the very long que to get in.
It took us about 15 or 20 minutes till we could get in. There was a super  long line and it was just about 10:00 am- nevertheless we were happy that it wasn’t actually that long. Once inside Mama was so relieved – a sigh of relief indeed!

Just very near the entrance is Michaelangelo’s Pieta — is is covered in glass because it was vandalized a few years ago.

The entire ceiling with its dome is just so overwhelming and beautifulThere are many things to see here .. the church is just surrounded with beautiful art everywhere.

Just in front of the wooden arch is where the people were gathered to hear the mass but it is actually closed and they only let a few people get in. Here’s another shot to show you that…

You can go up the dome and have a view of Rome from outside – this we did not do this time. If you look at the picture below you could see the people going around.

Everything is just gold and shiny here.. it’s like the add the letter L to God  😦

Finally the mass is over and we could go over and see the altar in front.

We noticed there were a few cardinals here ..

We decided to stop here a few minutes.. rest and just be quiet.. just after a few minutes a man told us that there is another mass. Mama said we had to stay here and hear the mass- so we all sat there.. we did not understand anything but just enjoyed the special moment. It was actually very quiet in front.. you would not hear the thousands of people behind wandering in the church.

Just a few of the things I saw around St. Peter’s
Vlado and Mama done for the day – oh I mean just for the moment..and one last picture…

Next stop is the Vatican Museum.

Unfortunately it was already closed ;( it was almost 2 pm when we got out of the church. That’s it you cannot have everything in one day. We still need to see 2 more Basillicas… San Giovani and San Paulo

Last picture of the Vatican – here you could see the walls and the ever famous panini stand for hungry tourists.


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