Rome Day 2 The Basillicas – San Giovani in Laterano (Basilica of St. John Lateran)

We continued with our journey. There is no stopping us despite the heat but before that time for some refreshments.

Italian pastries and some kind of iced coffee/ice cream.. really good especially for such a hot weather. We had to take the Metro to get to the next church and while inside the train we  got some entertainment. The singer was so good, we felt a little bit sad that we needed to get out for our stop.

Presenting to you – San Giovani

The floorand ceiling are both beautiful

There were lots of statues all over the church – especially of all the apostles.. I managed to take some pictures but not everyone.In real life they are really, really big. However it is not much visited like the Saint Peter’s and is not really crowded as you can see from the pictures. Here you are really feel to wander without bumping to anybody.

The church is really beautiful, very big and majestic. This is because it is the official cathedral and ecclesiastical seat of the Bishop or Rome, who is the Pope.

I think the following picturesexactly shows how big and magnificent the church interior of the church is.

The candle is just an electric one, otherwise the soot from the candles will darken the church’s interior. This is one of the many chapels found in the cathedral. I think I saw about 4 (but could be more), they are open and you could come in to pray. Picture taking inside is not allowed so as not to disturb those who are praying. 

There are so many beautiful things to see and admire. I think you can really spend a few hours here if you want to. Get one of the audio guides to help you out. All the basilicas are actually for free – you just need to give a few hours if you are interested to go in the treasury of  the church.

And goodbye for now and see you in the next church.


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