RomeDay 2 The Basillicas: Sta Maria Maggiore

We woke up all fresh and ready to face the day. Thank goodness for aircondition and super good running water for shower.  We all had a wonderful sleep and were all recharged for the day. Today’s itenerary was to visit all the great four Basilicas of Rome, of course priority was The Vatican. We got a tip from the  hotel’s owner that entrance to the Vatican Museum is free on Sundays.  Mama’s priority was the Saint Peter’s church so this is where we are heading first and foremost! Our hotel was actually very near Sta Maria Maggiore -this was our first Basillica for the day.

It was written on my guide book (guide books are such great companions on trips –  i never leave without one!) that you have to be properly dressed to get into the churches, no bare shoulders or only below the knee clothing so despite the heat we all dressed decently (trousers, blouse/shirt, dress)

Mama has seen lots of cathedrals here in Germany but she was not prepared for the size of the Basillicas.. it was almost a shock to her!

you can see the center of the cathedral but the other 2 sides are almost as big as the center. It is really huge and beautiful. The ceiling alone is a work of art..



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