Around Munich

The third day of our road trip was spent going around Munich – we decided to go nearer the Mountains, direction Bavarian Alps to  Garmish-Partenkirchen and on the way we were very surprised with what we saw. Beautiful nature all around – a beautiful monastery hiding behind the mountains – Ettal  Monastery

and the garden of a beautiful castle – Linderhof Castle.. we did not go in this time but just enjoyed the beautiful garden.. it was for free (“;)

It was really impressive – I have always heard that Southern Germany is beautiful … so this is really true..

Ettal Monastery is a Benedictine Abbey founded in 1330 and is in the village of Ettal in Bavaria.. somewhere on the way to Garmish Partenkirchen – very impressive interior!

Then we went to Lindenhof Castle which was only about 10 kilometers away.

The garden alone is worth the visit.. we did not go in this was actually our plan because we wanted to see more things and just drive around. There was also a long line in front of the castle so this also turned us off.. This is just a small castle just hidden behind the moutains.

I think this picture is fantastic! I just asked this guy with some sort of high tech camera and it seems from this picture that he really knows what he is doing!

After this we decided to continue with our trip- on the way to Germany’s famous ski area of Garmish Partenkirchen, recently applying for the Winter Olympics in 2018 and was actually a venue in year 1936.

The town was not impressive.. i think this is good if you are a skier.. so probably looks nice when everything is white in winter.

I had such an interesting piece of brezel/pretzel

sweet and flaky.. with lots of almonds…at this moment we received some good news from the Philippines.. Geof my dear bro passed his board exams! Yay!

Then we are off again to see more places – perhaps the lake?



This was our last stop.. later in the evening we had some dinner and took the Ubahn – underground train.. see Ma behind?


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