2nd stop: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

The day is still young and we decided to go to the next place we on the way, Rothenburg ob der Tauber-  a must see place if you are travelling this part of Germany. It is a well preserved medieval town, surrounded by walls and has a long history dating as far as 950.

There are a lot of museums and of course lots of shops to lure the tourists. But we all decided that this would just be a day to spend outdoors, especially coming from The Residence in Würzburg, we felt that it’s much better to be just outside and enjoy the sights and sounds from fellow tourists 🙂

Mama is fascinated with this medieval town and she is reminded of Intramuros , the walled city. This is however much bigger and still intact. Rothenburg’s famous ball – made of leftover dough, fried then filled with different things like nougat, nuts, chocolate and sprinkled or rolled over with cinnamon, chocolate etc. etc. – it is such a bestseller for poor tourists like us 😉 it didn’t really taste that well.. but whatever it was worth the try. I think Ma’s face says it all.

All the shops have to follow the traditional architechture of the buildings.. even the signs and the facade.

Mama was fascinated with these wooden souvenirs.

And the all year round Christmas store

There is actually a Christmas musem but we did not go there, at least this one was free entrance.

This house is photographed  in most of the postcards in Rothenburg.

Coffee time…

Goodbye Rotheburg ob der Tauber


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