We’re back: first stop Würzburg Residence

Back from our road trip and ready to blog again about Ma’s adventures. On the way to Munich where we will fly from and where Vlado currently works, we decided to see a few places. Our first stop was Residence in Würzburg buil1720 and completed 1744, a palace and resident of the Prince Bishop at that time (he had 2 titles a bishop and a prince).

The palace has 360 rooms, most of them about 300 destroyed and damaged during the World War 2 bombings, but was restored by great artists to almost its original look and state. As you can see above, the grand entrance is really grand with frescoes and sculptures all over. The entrance to the palace is 11 euros , english guided tours takes place twice daily or you can avail of the audio guide which could be rented.

Taking pictures is actually not allowed because they sell the postcards at the museum shop at 70 cents each! We managed to take a few pictures though.One room on this wing was even used by Napolean Bonaparte and Josephine. I am not sure which one though because I was illegally taking pictures.

The little sculpture on the walls and the ceilings are all done by the hand, a special technique at that time and was very difficult to do. I forgot how it is acttually called. One amazing thing here was the piece of cloth supposed to be hanging on top – it looks like a cloth but it really isn’t but really hard and heavy, very progressive technique at that time.

The room full of mirrors, the prince -bishop used to play cards and he always won!


Not all the rooms are open for viewing, some of them are being used as lecture halls for the university or offices from the state. Some are just closed for public but only open at one point in time. There is one wing that could only be viewed with a guide and another wing you could freely visit all by yourself. We were lucky because we were able to catch a guided tour and even in english.


The servants were not allowed to pass through the beautiful rooms when serving their masters. There is a special passage where they could walk  mostly behind the rooms and this we were able to see. Below you can see Ma and Vlado walking through the servant’s passage.

Here’s a collage of some of the beautiful artwork around the palace.


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