On the road

We are travelling once again and this time off to Munich, then to the much awaited trip to Rome then back to Munich again.  Mama has been enjoying this part of the trip around the south of Germany. We too actually because we have not seen much of it ourselves. We have seen 2 beautiful castles, a walled medieval town, a majestic monastery and the great Alps along the boarder to Austria with Germany’s highest mountain Zugspitze on the background.I will try to post some pictures so you too can have a view of the beautiful sceneries.

Below you will see the first few pictures from our first stop in Wuerzburg, Germany.

This is the Residence in Wuerzburg,built in the 17th century, mostly damaged in the second world war but restored by great artists once again with 360 rooms. The Archbishop who was also given another title as a prince or duke used to reside in this very extravagant, baroque castle.

we have to illegally take these pictures inside as they don”t allow pictures ; of course they sell all the postcards.

The internet connection is not so good here in Munich so will try to do some more later / if not then just wish us a good trip as we are off to Rome this afternoon.




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