Fun at the Hessentag

Mama and I went to check out the biggest fiesta happening near our town called Hessentag – it is a fun filled event that takes place every 2 years  with always a changing venue in the state of Hesse where we live. This time this happens tobe in Oberursel – there are lots of concerts, exhibitions, funfare and so much more. I had to work a shift at my school’s information booth there yesterday and decided to meet up with Mama afterwards. Yes, she took and rode the bus going there from our house all by herself!

Mama was still all smiles at the start of  the afternoon. Unfortunately this changed after it started drizzling .. rain has come this way.. A lot of the things happening around the Hessentag are held out in the open so this means we had to seek shelter – somewhere- somehow!

Soon enough we were able to see this church called Church of Dreams .. luckily there was a concert being held and in betweent there was a sort of  a light show..

I did not really capture the beauty in it but it was really interesting and very tranquil inside.. the light effects were amazing accompanied by the pianist – at one time the ceiling looked as if it was real blue skies on top of us..sad to say the concert had to end and we have to check if it stopped pouring.

It doesn’t look good outside – the benches were all wet and it looked like it’s going to rain anytime again so we decided to just look around and head home. No drinking and eating or even watching more concerts… that’s just how it is when you are caught up with bad weather…too bad we could not enjoy the beach lounge now with its wet sand..

At least we could take a photo stop at Germany’s police’s exhibition and have a photo taken with the helicopter.. a few minutes ago this was still open and you can take a sneak peak but they probably closed it because of the rains. We had some yummy churros along the way.. yummy!

Ok just for the sake of the photo shoot, Mama has to put the umbrella down 😉  The ride home was quite exciting as we caught the disco train.. too bad we only had 2 stations. Mama was all smiles because of the music .


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