This week

It will be a  quiet week for Mama because next week will be filled with lots of activities.  She will continue to write some postcards from the beautiful places she has been to and quietly relax in our little town here.

At least twice a week she goes to the city during market day where fresh produce from the local farmers sell their goods – well technically that’s how it goes.  Although some other vendor sell things they don’t produce but just buy and re-sells. There are lots of people and entertainment as well from the local street musicians. She also gives herself a usual treat of bratwürst – german sausage and a brötchen or go to any cafes/restaurant to have a meal.

She has another 5 weeks and soon it will be back home. That’s why she is cherishing every moment she has now. The hightlight of this trip also involves meeting my in- law’s. Vlado’s parents are also very excited this and we hope do well in our translation. Vlado’s parents only speak Bulgarian and their third language is German. .. quite exciting indeed!


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  1. Posted by mina on June 14, 2011 at 6:08 am

    very nice sceneries….i love the picture when mama dipped her foot on the cold water…you were really able to capture that moment…how surprised she was!hahaha!


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