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On the road

We are travelling once again and this time off to Munich, then to the much awaited trip to Rome then back to Munich again.  Mama has been enjoying this part of the trip around the south of Germany. We too actually because we have not seen much of it ourselves. We have seen 2 beautiful castles, a walled medieval town, a majestic monastery and the great Alps along the boarder to Austria with Germany’s highest mountain Zugspitze on the background.I will try to post some pictures so you too can have a view of the beautiful sceneries.

Below you will see the first few pictures from our first stop in Wuerzburg, Germany.

This is the Residence in Wuerzburg,built in the 17th century, mostly damaged in the second world war but restored by great artists once again with 360 rooms. The Archbishop who was also given another title as a prince or duke used to reside in this very extravagant, baroque castle.

we have to illegally take these pictures inside as they don”t allow pictures ; of course they sell all the postcards.

The internet connection is not so good here in Munich so will try to do some more later / if not then just wish us a good trip as we are off to Rome this afternoon.




Harvest time

A few weeks ago Mama and I harvested the red currants from my garden and made them into jam. I did not actually got a lot harvest this year – just a total of about 5 kilos I think but better than nothing. Mama had so much fun harvesting these tiny berries.She did not realize how much more work you have to do after harvesting them.

Lots of red currants – red everywhere! Look how much Mama was able to harvest.

Then off to the kitchen to clean all these luscious red currants.You have to  take them off their stems.

Then wash.drain  and put some sugar and cloves over slow fire for an hour at least.

Yup this is not as easy as Mama thought. Hot!

And done! Get your pandesal ready 😉

Happenings in our town

Mama was also able to go to another fiesta in our town called the “Foreigner’s Day” where it celebrates the diversity of the different cultures and nationalities in our town. There were lots of food, different cultural shows and some exhibitions around the main town’s shopping street.Here’s Mama with the Philippine booth – unfortunately they were not offering anything exciting, just cakes and pancit that was not really appetizing at all. Mama said they should have called her to cook:)

A concert showcasing some African talents and at the Moroccan tent enjoying a glass or Morrocan tea.

There were lots of people eating, drinking and enjoying the different cultural shows. We thought we could wait for the Pinoy dancers rendering their version of Tinikling but they were way later so we just made the most of what we could do while there and that is to eat of course. The Turkish booth as you could see on the man’s outfit behind Ma and Ma eyeing the plate of delightful Turkish food.Here’s a close up. Yummy indeed.My favourite is the Greek grilled meat – I was a bit disappointed this time because they used electric grill and not the traditional charcoal – next year I would skip this booth if it’s the electric/gas grill again.

and Mama getting excited over her big chunk of meat.

And some Italian riceball with bolognese sauce inside.  All in all it was a wonderful day – Mama enjoyed trying all the different foods represented on that day. It wasn’t much though this year compared to the other years we were here  but it was still all new to her and she did enjoy it. We were glad we could show her something about our town today.

Just hanging out

Mama’s stay here in Germany is not just about travelling or just lakwatsa  as what we Pinoys might call it- she also gets to meet a lot of people and do other things that we just normally do in our daily life here in Germany.

She has met my former colleagues – all German and even without speaking the language she was able to  communicate with them.

With my  ex-colleagues who I used to work with in the German kindergarten.

And here she is  with Vlado in front of our church and  with one of our friends at her house.

At one of our Sunday lunches just at a Chinese restaurant here in Frankfurt.

Yummy food indeed!This is a place we go to and I find the food here really authentic compared to the normal Chinese restaurants here and not pricey too.

Of course with a bit of a stroll.

And some food shopping. Today we went to an Italian supermarket and we got lucky – there were lots of free tasting – wine, pasta, bread etc.. : ) yum! Forgot to document these hightlights though but just have a few pictures of Mama rummaging around the shelves.

Ma’s big question – What’s this? (I don’t know too actually)

These peppers will be able to feed a whole family indeed! Super-sized bell peppers!

Just looking at the different kinds of olives..

Watch out for this big bag of pasta – we will definitely have them one of these days!  And at the fish section to look for some fish for dinner.

Steamed sea bream with herbs and sauteed pak choy from my mini vegetable patch…

And not to forget – mama’s  favourite thing to do nowadays — gardening. Just picking some raspberries for breakfast.

She’s very lucky this year because they came really early because of the early warm weather that started this May. Well that’s just about it for now. More posts next time. Mama is very excited this week because a few more sleeps and we are off on another adventure.


Mama was able to enjoy a bit of the harvest from our garden. These were even from the seeds she brought with her  just this end of April.  Amazing!

We were able to have fresh pakchoy which actually costs a lot of money here.

All this gardening she is doing is encouraging her now want to have her own garden back in Baguio.

Fun at the Hessentag

Mama and I went to check out the biggest fiesta happening near our town called Hessentag – it is a fun filled event that takes place every 2 years  with always a changing venue in the state of Hesse where we live. This time this happens tobe in Oberursel – there are lots of concerts, exhibitions, funfare and so much more. I had to work a shift at my school’s information booth there yesterday and decided to meet up with Mama afterwards. Yes, she took and rode the bus going there from our house all by herself!

Mama was still all smiles at the start of  the afternoon. Unfortunately this changed after it started drizzling .. rain has come this way.. A lot of the things happening around the Hessentag are held out in the open so this means we had to seek shelter – somewhere- somehow!

Soon enough we were able to see this church called Church of Dreams .. luckily there was a concert being held and in betweent there was a sort of  a light show..

I did not really capture the beauty in it but it was really interesting and very tranquil inside.. the light effects were amazing accompanied by the pianist – at one time the ceiling looked as if it was real blue skies on top of us..sad to say the concert had to end and we have to check if it stopped pouring.

It doesn’t look good outside – the benches were all wet and it looked like it’s going to rain anytime again so we decided to just look around and head home. No drinking and eating or even watching more concerts… that’s just how it is when you are caught up with bad weather…too bad we could not enjoy the beach lounge now with its wet sand..

At least we could take a photo stop at Germany’s police’s exhibition and have a photo taken with the helicopter.. a few minutes ago this was still open and you can take a sneak peak but they probably closed it because of the rains. We had some yummy churros along the way.. yummy!

Ok just for the sake of the photo shoot, Mama has to put the umbrella down 😉  The ride home was quite exciting as we caught the disco train.. too bad we only had 2 stations. Mama was all smiles because of the music .

Vlado’s Birthday

Mama had a chance to celebrate Vlado’s birthday with us this year – this is one of the celebrations she experienced on her holiday.

Since we just came from our roadtrip, Vlado just wanted to have a quiet meal in our favourite italian restaurant -nothing spectacular just good old pasta 🙂 at least we did not have to cook after the long journey.

yummy appetizers

A Filipino birthday would not be complete without eating any kind of pancit so on Friday, Vlado’s arrival from his trip in Munich, Mama cooked Pancit Palabok for Vlado. Now his birthday is complete – a bit delay but better late than never! And there’s even a treat – Mama was able to make her fabulous ube with the use of ube powder from the Asian shop – the taste was surprisingly good.

Happy Birthday Vlado!