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Speyer part 2

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The next stop on Mama’s  trip for this weekend is a little town called Speyer near Heidelberg. I myself haven’t been there so I was also looking forward to seeing it. I did not have any idea although what to see there. Vlado knew about a famous cathedral and that was all. The trip was really worth it – beautiful churches and beautiful buildings all around.


Lots of people on a Saturday afternoon.

The main attraction of this town is the cathedral which was grounded in 1061 .. so almost a thousand years old!!!!!

Birthday Dinner

Mama’s birthday dinner – we surprised Mama with a special dinner in our hotel – it’s supposed to be a good restaurant with a remarkable chef and with a distinction

from one of the well known restaurant guide and critics.  We informed the restaurant that it will be a surprise birthday dinner and they decorated the table really well – plus they gave us a  lot of extras that night! Like this little dish of cucumber soup with shrimps and herbs.. plus bread and butter of course.

Afterwards we had some appetizers- Spring salad for mama, asparagus salad for me and rocket leaves with parmesan for V.

Main course  – beef with goose pate  for Mama and just traditional German beef dish  for  me and lamb for V.

Aside from the birthday appetizer – we also got some pralines for dessert – compliments of the house once again!

Yum! The next day a whole breakfast buffet awaited us – we actually had a feeling that we were the only guest that morning and this whole buffet was only for us!

Mama wanted to thank the owner/manager of the hotel and she asked for a picture with her 😉 such a nice lady!


time for our next stop…

Mama’s birthday in Heidelberg

Mama looking so happy on her birthday!

We celebrated Mama’s birthday in Heidelberg – Heidelberg is not just attractive to tourists but also is included in our national hero’s life- Jose Rizal studied here for a few months during his exile so actually a must see place for a patriotic pinoy like Ma.

On top of the hill is the Heidelberg castle which is actually just in ruins now but still has  a beautiful garden and a wonderful view of the city.  Below the tower gates – former entrance to the city.

Yes .. mama had 2 servings of ice cream! look at the smile of contentment… yum!

souvenirs galore! of course all expensive – a magnet costs about 4 euro or 250 pesos!!

Well after the long day – it’s time for some coffee or cola to quench the thirst

Mama’s birthday cake

This food is called in German “Flammkuchen” literal translation would be flame cake.. but actually it is more like Germany’s version of a pizza just without tomato sauce  and really thin crust..

Here’s Mama enjoying hers:

Happy Birthday!

Mama’s birthday celebration part 1

We surprised Mama with an out of town trip to Heildelberg – about an hour and half car ride from our place.  We stayed there one night  at a nearby Schlosshotel – a hotel that is used as home by the aristocrats in the old times – like a castle, nowdays some of them are converted into hotels .

Ma was very impressed with the hotel – the furniture and the interior is really old, lots of antique furniture.

Mama’s busy week

Mama did a lot of things this week but it was not documented in pictures or at least I was not able to make a lot of pictures to show it.

Monday – Mama visited me at work. She was able to meet my children and see how I do my work. However I cannot show you these pictures online because I don’t want to get in trouble with the parents of my children.

Later that afternoon she went to Frankfurt with my ex colleague and spent the rest of the day in Frankfurt on her own.  She even took the train all by herself on the way back home.

Tuesday –  We were invited for dinner by my ex colleagues- Mama was able to experience home cooked German food.

Wednesday –  Mama had some craving on real Pinoy food so she decided to cook Sinigang – this time we invited another Filipina friend to join us . She was so delighted and felt so at home, almost at least for a day in the Philippines. She bought most of the food in the grocery all by herself – of course except for the kangkong and gabi.

Thursday –  Mama has a quiet day, doing chores at home and some errands.

Friday – It’s Mama’s 65th birthday!