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Frankfurt part 2

We  decided to take advantage of the sunshine and head to Frankfurt again – I wanted to show Mama the  flea market along the river that takes place every Saturday.  I thought she would find it really interesting because of all the things they sell there… lots of antiques and other curiosities.

looking for bargains?

Mama wanted to get one of those crystals and special porcelains 100 year old  at least and very cheap but where to put it and how to carry it? Well at least you could take a look at it or touch it– see mama’s hand there?

In the end this was too much for Vlado we have to get out of the crowd. There was still much to see and do but for now this is enough.

We decided to continue our walk to the Frankfurt’s Klein Markthalle – it’s a market but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures because I was fascinated myself (next time again hopefully ) We kept on sampling the different kinds of food – Vlado asked mama in the end if she enjoyed her lunch (“;)

While looking for a restaurant to have lunch we passed by Frankfurt’s Cathedral – finally renovation is finished and I myself saw it for the first time since I came to Germany.

It’s really beautiful and quite big. Mama loved the red colour of the interior – all natural .. a few years ago this was still almost  gray- black because they used coal to heat the church. All that soot covered the beautiful red on the walls.

Mama was still admiring the church when I told her – now you have seen Rome– no need for you to see the Vatican.  Vlado took a picture of that- see how she was laughing? She thinks all of European coutries are so close together but they are not of course! It is a common misconception to think it’s like that.. still we need to travel 6, 8 or 14 hours – a day and half  or take the plane to get to the next destination.

Still it  is amazing you can get from one country to the next and experience a different culture and life. Yup, that’s what Mama hopefully gets to experience too in the next few weeks.

We got so hungry after all this walk, we decided to get the quickest bite at a Maggi store. The food was actually surprisingly good and since it’s Maggi’s way of promoting itself the food was reasonably priced.

That’s pork steak with potatoes,while this on top was boiled potatos with special herb sauce , egg and salad. Both cost about 11 € – (660 pesos) really cheap.. not so much variety though just food in season.

What a better way to end our lunch with a scoop of Hägen Daz – yummy! Mama was all smiles!

Thanks a lot for visiting Mama’s blog. More stories to come and more in the making! Till next post.


Shopping experience

After dinner we decided to get some wood chips from the nearby Do It Yourself store – this is our own version of a hardware store I told mama.

She was shocked when she saw how big this hardware store is – we only neeed to buy one bag of wood chips. She thought maybe this is just a store for wholesalers or cont

ractors.. but no this is actually for everybody.

She especially like the garden section of the store and with the twilight, I tried to make some pictures nevertheless. This time we did not get any security man suspecting us as spies.

Mama definitely wanted to come here again – maybe some time in the day time. I told her we will go to a beautiful park where she could admire flowers. There is actually not so much variety here as well as it is not a garden centre too.

It’s just amazing that everything is interesting for her. We are trying to just show her things are normal for us. This way she could have an idea of how our every day life really is. 

Picture taken in front of our home just before we left. Mama likes the long evenings – this was about 9 pm and yes there is still a bit of daylight left.

Mama at Work

Mama was able to meet friends of mine who came for coffee yesterday afternoon. We made chocolate cake and of course some coffee. Mama wanted to make some empanadas and other savoury snacks. I told her that here in Germany if  the guests came for coffee and cake then it means they are expecting coffee and cake. Nothing more – nothing less

This is the yummiest chocolate cake – made from scratch but really easy all you need is – lots of chocolates!!! about 600 grams of it.. hahaha..

Mama made the cake looked more professional ..but don’t believe her, I did the hard work!

Mama was lola for an afternoon with lovely Lara .. she is so sweet .. she would not come to me but to a Lola definitely!

Today we made use of my last day and worked in the garden.. Mama was a great help – we were done finally with the hard work of pulling off the weeds and putting some wood chips.. I told her to wait for just a few weeks and they will all be back.

I think she enjoyed this nevertheless.. probably something new… di ba, all smiles pa?! That’s my vegetable patch I made this year, Mama brought me lots of seeds which I already planted.. hopefully they will all grow.. Then we went to town for some errands, we actually needed to buy some vegetable for tonight’s meal. Vlado requested for Chicken Tinola.-  Mama asked him – why Tinola? He said this is all what Rizal talked about in Noli Me Tangere so he is so curious why he likes it so much. Haha.. (yup he read that book)

A Walk in the Park

Mama’s adventure continues..  we brought her to our town and to the park near our house. This is very near and she just needs to cross the street.

Mama is fascinated with the wild flowers behind our house. We live in a duplex beside the pink house (white house).

This is the park where Mama will probably spend a lot of time . Just a stone’s throw away from our house.

Later in the evening, Vlado cooked a traditional Bulgarian meal for Mama called Mousaka, made of potatoes, minced meat and Bulgarian spices, accompanied with a bottle of Bulgarian red wine.

Prost! (means cheers in German)

Day 2

We went to one of the supermarkets around here today and mama got excited with the display of vegetables and fruits.  Of course she wanted some pictures and so off we went around the store taking pictures.

There were just too many things to see like this big slab  of parmesan. Vlado got into the moment too and had a picture with mama as well..There are things that you just take for granted and realise that for some it is really kind of special and something new: like the yellow bell peppers.. we only have green or red back back in Baguio.

We were actually were in another supermarket already but needed some milk from this one.  Too much picture taking it seems because  a few minutes later a guy approach us from security. He said we are not allowed to take pictures of anything… we might be from competition.. so mama’s fun had to stop but at least the guy let us keep our pictures..and had some pity ..his last words -just don’t tell anybody where you took it from.. so not telling you but it’s really  a great supermarket..

First day in Frankfurt

This blog will chronicle my mom’s adventure in Europe.. hopefully this will keep the rest of the family updated to all her escapades and give them a view to the things that she – Mila, my mom, will experience in the next 12 weeks of her life here in Europe.

The weather has been wonderful today.. after an almost 16 hour trip.. 2 hours from Manila to Hongkong, 2 hours stop over and 12 more hours from Hongkong to Frankfurt, Ma made it all safe and happy to Frankfurt.

First stop was home and some lunch. We had salmon, potatoes, German asparagus and typical Frankfurter green sauce. Ma was surprised to see white asparagus and so thick at that. The home made sauce made quite an impression on her! Hopefully she could make one in Baguio too. just have to find about 7 herbs of almost the same kind.

After lunch we headed to Frankfurt to see a bit of the sights. Ma was very surprised to see all the people along the River Main, sunbathing and

doing nothing. We had to explain to her that today is a holiday so people are just all lazying around. Mama liked the old town square called Römer and enjoyed watching the people.

She also bought a few postcards and lit some candles at a nearby church. Mama wanted to light 8 candles but I have to stop her.. ?? what no way. that would be too expensive.. hmmm I forgot to actually ask her why she wanted so much..

Such a wonderful

first day.. we also had some coffee and decided to go home at about 6 pm.. Ma was surprised to see how bright the sun was despite the time.

I have to send ma to bed at 9 pm. At least she was awake the whole day, hopefully that would keep her really alert tomorrow so no jet lag at all.

Tomorrow we will just show her our town .. by the way in case you are wondering, Frankfurt is about 5-20 minutes car ride from our place.

Thanks everybody for all your gifts to Vlado and me .. we look forward to eating them or wearing or using them,.. so thoughtful of you all. Hugs from Germany…

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